Obesity is a major body defect to the people suffering from such a disorder. Although some people will consider having more weight as a good factor, especially those engaging in demanding games like rugby. They also need to know that uncontrolled weight gains is a disadvantage to the body. The body only needs a certain amount of weight depending on the genes one has. Some people have genes for big bodies and heavy weight in their linage.

They therefore need to maintain a certain level of body size and weight for better health. If they consider using other medicine such as the body building drugs for them to do a given task, they are at a great risk of contracting side effects of such drugs. It is good if they just maintaining health matters to protect themselves from infectious diseases. This can be achieved by maintaining their good diets which balances all the required nutrients in the body.

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There are a certain number of foods which may direct the body to gaining excess weight and size. Food rich in fats will lead to increased body size and weight if a person does not engage in some physical activities. The activities that one need to engage in when they have excess fats in their body are running, weight-lifting

among others. These practices help the body to lose accumulated fat as it accelerates the process of digestion of body fat into useful substances like energy.

Weight loss process

Energy helps the body to perform many biological processes like breathing to provide body cells with oxygen. This oxygen is used in several processes like respiration which releases energy. Other food components that people need to restrict in their diet is more proteins. Proteins are found in dishes suck as eggs, milk and meat. All these have health conditions if overused by people, especially eggs and meat. Eggs have a high content of sulphur which is not supposed to be taken in excess. If a person consumes more eggs at once will even die due to the sulphur content in the boiled eggs.

Consuming more eggs will also lead to gaining of excess weight and body size. Meat consumption in excess will lead to several diseases which are difficult to treat. It is therefore important to note that a person suffering from obesity should not consider fasting as a way of losing weight. This may lead to malfunctioning of specific body parts leading to fatigue. Instead, they need to engage more in body exercise as they reduce consumption of certain dishes. This will help them reduce weight in a short time without struggle and stress.