Obesity is a kind of human body disorder which makes the body to accumulate excessive body fat. The increased fat in the body of a human being exposes him or her to many risks of getting intense health problems. In this regard, if more calories are ingested compared to those being burned on daily routine exercises, the disorder results. Calories in the body are increased in case one feeds more on carbohydrates. Examples of carbohydrates are cassava, maize, millet, sorghum among others.

In actual sense, people who have body mass index of 30 or greater are the one which happen to be obese. It is always advised that a balanced diet must be observed at all times in order to avoid risks of getting obesity. Furthermore, medical prescription tells that people with this kind of problem need to avoid taking much food stuffs which are rich in carbs. Physical routine exercises must be observed for healthy growth and living free from the bondage of this disorder.

One, weight loss can kill obesity,

Considering weight loss, several myths have been developed which are linked to this kind of obese conditions. Expert advisors have termed these kinds of myths as rubbish and should never be taken into serious considerations. Such myths are as follows:-

One, weight loss can kill obesity, this is never the case. A body of a person can be subjected to several causes of weight loss, for instance, lack of food makes one to lose weight. Another myth holds that, it is alleged that one develope this health situation for the case of poor lifestyles. Lifestyles cannot be linked with increased number of calories in the diet of a human body. Additionally, a person under malnutrition implications can have risks of getting diseases such as marasmus or Kwashiorkor.

Based on the case study conducted

Third, it is believed that much intake of fruits and veggies would free one from this risk. Medical experts have called upon those who trust this way to reject this kind of idea. Fact remains that only the decrease in the carbs intake and eating balanced diet with some regular exercises eliminate this situation in the body. Quick weight loss results into weight gain later is the fourth myth, which is taken as a mere mislead without truth. Lastly, it is also believed that engaging in sex errands helps to burn 300 Kcals per person. Advice on this says that sex is only a form of fun and should not be taken as a key exercise to cut down weight of an individual.

Based on the case study conducted in the United Kingdom and United States of America, the two countries have their own distinct way of dealing with obese conditions whenever they occur. Fat-shaming has been given much weight in the USA than in UK. For this reason, the obese situation in the US is on a serious decline compared to UK. Americans have no blame on those having this kind of health disorder, they have trust that obesity can be explained with the medical facts. British have never changed their attitude three years gone, they believe and have trust that Obesity is as a result of genetic issues. It is believed to be passed from one generation to the other through genetic compositions. More so, medical issue is another reason why such health problem occurs.

Obesity and weight loss

Finally, this kind of health problem attracts other different kinds of illnesses in the body system of a person. The body’s immune system goes low, making a person to grow and become oversize, too heavy to engage in common errands such as taking walks. Exercises and doing some form of strenuous job activities helps to burn many calories that may be present in the body.

Recommended lifestyle will therefore be attained if all these are well observed in addition to taking little carbohydrates in the diet. People doing sedentary job activities must not concentrate too much on such chores as they entail little physical activities. They should spare time for some other regular exercises such as running errands, taking gymnastic activities among others. Failure to this, they will have risks of getting obese. Their diet also should be less of glucose or starch that will help them reduce the number of calories in their diets.