Weight loss is a journey that takes time in everyone, but women tend to take longer before results can be seen from their hard work. An important reason to consider is the body size as well as composition of men. Most males have larger bodies, so it takes them more calorie consumption to be able to maintain their weight since a man has more cells in his body. The composition in most of them consists of having a larger mass of lean muscle. A body with more muscle can burn more fat even when the body is dormant.

Between the two, a male will

Between the two, a male will burn more calories during an exercise session because they are heavier. A heavier body is more difficult to lift off the ground or move around therefore more energy will be needed. As much as some women do practise strength training, most of them prefer cardio activities while the weight section of a gym is usually consisting of men. Cardio does burn much fat, but strength training does the same plus building strength and muscle, which will contribute to a faster metabolism.

Men have the natural benefit to loose weight easier

When cutting off calories from a diet, a man can reduce more because they initially eat more, yet they will still be able to reach the required amount of calorie intake. Males then can shed up to a few pounds in a week which is fast and healthy. A woman can only put away a few calories due to them already eating less. They have to exercise more to get to their desired body type. Females will end up shedding about one pound or less a week. This means that men naturally consuming more calories have a bigger advantage in faster weight loss journeys when cutting down.

During dieting, a male can easily find foods that will work for them, mainly including large masses of protein with bare minimal carbs. For a woman to find her right diet, their body type and exercise cycles make it much harder for them. Other factors include their menstrual flows and stress hormones; many females are emotional eaters, a lady is more scared to have something sugary because of fear to gain weight. It then makes women’s diet relevantly more than a man would. Heavy dieting is unrecommended as the calorie consumption is too little. When humans do not eat enough, their metabolic rate will slow down since it is dormant for a while. A number of people who suffer from obesity or eating disorders have the main contribution as stress and pressure.

Females have a natural body cycle of slow fat loss. In as little as two weeks, men can attain definition that a female took about a month to get to. But with time and regular training both can gain muscle at the same rate, just that it will take longer for a lady to get to that point. Females also have higher rates of getting emotional sicknesses. People with mental health issues have a harder time losing weight. The hormones that lead to the occurrence of these illnesses are released more often in men. Despite the factors, with persistence and patience weight loss can still be an achieved goal for all genders.